Facility Rental

The Vermont Inn is happy to be able to offer the venue with NO FACILITY FEE when you rent our 16 rooms for 2 nights (to be paid by either your guests or yourself). Pricing varies from $3500 per night to $4500 per night depending on availability and time of year. For those booking the entire inn, it includes:

  • Exclusive use of the property and all of the amenities (with all of the rooms booked for 2 nights)
  • 24/7 attention from The Vermont Inn staff to coordinate events, tend to guests’ every desire and ensure everything runs perfectly
  • Full country breakfast for all guests (additional guests $10.00 per person)
  • The bride and groom will have exclusive use of our nationally recognized bridal suite, recently remodeled by designer Blanche Garcia to fulfill every bride’s dreams.


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